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  • Baylight Courses + Workshops

    • Attunement Introduction $125

      The Attunement Initiation is a day spent learning about this healing modality, in addition to Attunement as a way of life.  Click for more info + to sign up.

    • 5-Month Attunement Practitioner Course
      A deeper dive into the principles and practice of Attunement.  More info to come!  This course meets one weekend (Sat 9-5 & Sun 9-1) per month for 5 months.
    • HWB Training + Info Session
      This seven-hour workshop will teach and demonstrate a team-based practice approach to
      establishing a community-based homeopathic clinic. Lauren Fox, FNP, BC, CCH and Holly
      Manoogian, CCH, staff from Homeopaths Without Borders, bring their years of practical
      experience working within the US allopathic medical community and oversees in Haiti. They will
      present guidelines and practices for creating a safe and effective Homeopathic Community
      Clinic to provide patients with acute, epidemic, and/or trauma care.
      Registration: 8-9am
      Seminar: 9AM – 1pm
      Community Clinic: 2-4pm
      Wrap Up & Evaluation: 4-5pm

      Where: Baylight Center for Homeopathy Classroom #1, 222 Saint John Street, Suite 238, Portland, ME 04102
    • YEAR 2 - All sessions - Practitioner Course
    • YEAR 3 - All sessions - Practitioner Course
    • YEAR 4 - All sessions - Practitioner Course